Discuss privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns of mHealth

As a health information management professional, you will need to be knowledgeable about mobile technology (mHealth). In this task, you will discuss privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns of mHealth. You will also create a multimedia presentation for a healthcare organization’s executive team outlining the implementation plan for training sessions on ensuring the security and confidentiality of health data when using mHealth.
Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. The originality report that is provided when you submit your task can be used as a guide.

You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.

Tasks may not be submitted as cloud links, such as links to Google Docs, Google Slides, OneDrive, etc., unless specified in the task requirements. All other submissions must be file types that are uploaded and submitted as attachments (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .ppt).

A. Discuss privacy and security concerns that are inherent in mobile technology (mHealth) by doing the following:

1. Define mHealth.

2. Analyze two risks of using mHealth.

3. Analyze two benefits of using mHealth.

4. Discuss the legal and ethical considerations of a healthcare organization using mHealth.

5. Analyze two modifications that have been made to HIPAA to address mHealth.

B. Discuss one method of delivering training on ensuring the security and confidentiality of health data when using mHealth for each of the following groups:

• physicians, including day and night shifts

• nursing staff, including day and night shifts

• ancillary staff, including day and night shifts

C. Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote) in which you outline an implementation plan for the training sessions discussed in part B for the executive team of a healthcare organization. Your presentation should do the following:

1. Explain the importance of delivering the training, including the risks of not delivering the training.

2. Identify the key members of the implementation team, and explain why they are key members.

3. Summarize the stages of the implementation plan for delivering training to physicians and nursing and ancillary staff.

4. Explain one barrier or resistance to attending security and confidentiality training sessions for each of the following groups:

• physicians

• nursing staff

• ancillary staff

5. Recommend one method to resolve each barrier explained in part C4.

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