Part 1- (1000 words)
How The Yellow Wallpaper presents a feminist dystopia- drawing upon Gilmans life (autobiography)
Dystopia in literature
Criticisms of The Yellow wallpaper
Gilman drawing distinctions of her own life and treatment of ‘hysteria’ as evidenced in her autobiography and fat and Blood by Wier Mitchell
Tie it together by saying how a feminist dystopia is presented
Part 2- (2000 words)
Herland and utopian theory- how it offers an alternative to dystopia for women in the early 1900’s
Utopia in literature
Literary criticisms of Herland
Utopia in Herland foreshadowing females of post suffrage/ second wave feminism
Part 3- (2000words)
Both texts and how the use of utopias and dystopias find a middle ground
Influence of these texts/ legacy
Political movements (actions) that came from further reading.

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