Your client is a ship-owner named ‘BoxBoats LMA’ who operates a fleet of containerships. The owner wishes
to increase the capacity of three existing 2000 TEU, twin screw vessels, to carry additional containers.
In order to achieve the increase in container capacity a ship yard, yet to be selected, will cut the ship into two
sections at the midship section and insert a section of parallel middle body between these. The parallel
middle body will be 13.8m in length and includes 22 new frames.
Within the cargo length the vessel incorporates ‘double bottom and wing’ sea water ballast tanks. The tank
transverse frames, side shell longitudinal and inner bulkhead longitudinal stiffeners form the primary
structure along with one stringer deck.
The hatch covers are hydraulically operated and a fire main runs from fore to aft along the port and starboard
main deck areas. The main deck is also served by deck lighting on both sides.
Your role is to produce a case study for the owner which will discuss the feasibility of the concept and discuss
any calculations and tests which you would perform prior to the full scale project commencing. The owner
requires that the service speed remains unaffected at 18 knots but accepts that fuel costs may increase.
The case study should then discuss the design of the parallel middle body including structural arrangement
and materials used. Discuss also any materials testing that would be required and how you would determine
whether the results of these are satisfactory or not. You will require to identify which existing drawings would
be required for this task and to discuss which organisations would require to be involved in the process from
a class and statutory perspective.
For the modification process the case study should include which tests and documentation are required with
regards to welding tasks and how you would verify that the welding procedures and processes used are
Explain which tests should be performed on the vessel before it is returned to a floating condition and which
tests should be performed once afloat. Explain how these tests should be conducted.
The case study should be presented as a report to your principal.
The Diploma Standard Marking Rubric should be used as a guide to the sections of the report.

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