Disadvantage of delegating a retail task

1) A retailer structures and assigns tasks, policies, resources, authority, responsibilities, and rewards through ________.

2) A disadvantage of delegating a retail task to another party is ________.

3) In specialization, each employee is responsible for ________.

4) A major advantage of specialization is ________.

5) A job description contains an outline of ________.

6) A functional classification for a car dealer would classify jobs into which of the following divisions?

7) A product classification for a greeting card retailer would classify jobs into which of the following divisions?

8) The ________ method of job classification places store-based personnel under the direct control of the branch manager.

9) Reporting relationships among employees within a retail firm from the lowest levels to the highest levels are described in the ________.

10) In a flat organization, ________.

11) A major advantage of a flat organization is ________.

12) A major advantage of a tall retail organization is ________.

13) The hierarchical relationships within the firm are displayed in a(n) ________.

14) Which retail institution type has the simplest organization structure?

15) The four functional areas in the Mazur plan are ________.

16) Buying and selling is under the control of the ________ in the Mazur plan.

17) Under the basic Mazur plan, which executive has responsibility for reaching profit goals?

18) Branch store executives are directly responsible to main store retail executives in which form of retail organization?

19) Centralization of management is practiced in which retail organization form?

20) In the main store control organization, ________.

21) The main store control organization works best when ________.

22) Transferring stock between branches is most difficult in which form of retail organization?

23) The distinct needs of branch store customers are most recognized in which form of retail organization?

24) Which form of retail store organization seeks to achieve the benefits of both centralization and decentralization?

25) Which form of retail organization separates responsibility for buying and selling?

26) Buying is centralized and selling is managed locally in the ________ organization format.

27) Which activity comprises the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and supervision of retail personnel?

28) The gathering of information about the functions and requirements of each job is referred to as ________.

29) A retailer can determine which criteria are best correlated with job success through the use of a(n) ________.

30) Which job selection technique requires that a job candidate score above a minimum cutoff as a pre-condition for being hired?

31) The review of company policies and history, as well as a job orientation, are important components of ________.

32) Which employee compensation plan has no fixed-cost component?

33) Which compensation plan allows executives to choose among bonuses, deferred bonuses, stock options, and other fringe benefits?

34) Which of these factors is a form of dissatisfier (minimum expectations)?

35) Which of these statements about desired goals is correct?

36) A retailer decided to outsource its logistics operations to FedEx after studying its resources. This illustrates which stage in setting up a retail organization?

37) A problem with extreme specialization of tasks in retailing is ________.

38) A major disadvantage of extreme task specialization is ________.

39) A disadvantage of extreme job specialization is high ________.

40) A retailer can overcome problems with extreme task specialization by ________.

41) Employees receive a relatively homogeneous cluster of work tasks when ________.

42) The buyer form of organization within a department store is a form of ________.

43) The equal store organization is a form of ________.

44) A retailer uses a functional classification system for jobs; in addition, some employees may be placed in special teams relating to interfunctional areas. An employee with two bosses (the functional boss and the team leader) ________.

45) A retailer uses different buyers in its main store and its suburban branches so as to better reflect each target market. This illustrates which job classification method?

46) The overall hierarchy of authority in a retail organization is most clearly described in the firm’s ________.

47) In comparison to chain retailers, the organization structure of an independent is most likely to be ________.

48) A span of control refers to the number of subordinates reporting to one manager. A firm with a large span of control utilizes a ________ organization.

49) Which form of organization results in close employee supervision?

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