Case Assessment of “Falling Apart”
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When using references, please include in-text citations and include your reference list at the bottom of your original post. Hutchison Chapter 2 & 3 Theoretical Perspectives on Behavior
Please view the Falling Apart video. Think about Jennifer’s biopsychosocial-spiritual functioning.
Provide a case assessment that does the following:
• Provide a brief definition of Jennifer and what you see as her major needs or challenges. This section should be brief. Perhaps only a few sentences.
• Describe the theoretical perspective that you feel is most appropriate for understanding Jennifer and a summary of how you believe this perspective contributes to your understanding of this case. This should be the bulk of this assignment.
• Write a brief critique (using the evaluation tool from Module 2) using your selected perspective with this case. Please think about strengths and challenges in using this perspective to understand Jennifer. Your original post should be at 1000 words and include two peer-reviewed references.

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