Review the concepts related to dying and bereavement across the life span, the four-component model, and Kübler-Ross’s five stages of dying. Identify the key differences in dying and the bereavement process across the life span. Apply the four-component model to the grieving process at one of the life stages you identified in the first paragraph. Use your imagination or apply your personal experience to describe the grieving process for your chosen life stage in terms of the following: The context of the loss; refer to risk factors, such as whether the death was expected. Continuation of subjective meaning associated with loss, ranging from evaluations of everyday concerns to major questions about the meaning of life. Changing representations of the lost relationship over time. The role of coping and emotion regulation processes that cover all coping strategies used to deal with grief. Describe Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of dying and provide examples that illustrate each stage.
To complete the assignment address each of the following elements in a 3-5 page paper:

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