In approximately 500 words, write a clear description of your proposed HDR research project that outlines the what, why and how.
• Include a suggested title.
• Provide a brief statement of what your will research try to achieve: What is its aim? What are the objectives?
• Demonstrate your engagement with a research area in one or more of Flinders University’s Colleges. Demonstrate how your proposed research aligns with your proposed supervisor’s work.
• Find out what has already been published in the area. Your project must aim to make a significant –and for doctoral level, original- contribution to that field.
• Demonstrate originality.
• Include the proposed methodology.
• Include a timeline NB full-time Masters are expected to be completed within two years and full-time PhDs within three years.
• Include a bibliography.
• Estimate any potential significant projects costs, if possible. This will help the College review whether funding is available.

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