Assess the current capacity of Kabul Medical University, including infrastructure, faculty and skill-lab for initiative Post-RN BScN and Post-RM BScM programmes
• Define criteria for faculties and skill-lab trainers along with exploring availability of required expertise
• Stakeholders’ consultation on intended education standards, learning packages, students assessments and
enrollment, and others
• Devise continuous faculty development requirements and its requirements
Community-based Education Review: The Knowledge House/Ministry of Education (July – November 2019)
• Review and assess the MoE Community-based education standards based on the MoE internal assessments
• Review existing learning packages and ensuring relevant contents to bridge with formal education
• Assess and reflect on annual teaching plans, its execution, supervision and monitoring
• Assessing students’ assessment mechanisms and identifying challenges to bridge Community-based education
with formal education,
• Assessing approaches for teachers assessments and capacity building

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