Cybercrime paper Criminal homework

For Week 6:

Now that you have selected Cybercrime, create a 500 to 700-word paper (approximately 2 pages, 1-inch margins, 12pt font, double spaced) that:

·  Speak to the prevalence of Cybercrime. Research national statistics using the FBI database we learned about in Week 2. Detail those statistics. How does the rate of occurrence of your crime compare with others? Is your crime a big problem, or is it somewhat infrequent? What do the statistics tell us?

·  Detail the most likely location for the crime you chose. Is it an urban issue, occurs more often in rural areas, or does it vary? Why? Use specific facts and figures from your research to support your conclusion.

·  Research and describe some of the current deterrence methods employed in an effort to prevent your crime. Do they work? Why or why not? What more could be done to prevent the crime you chose?

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