Crisis Management Research Paper Help Online
Use the following resources in addition to other peer reviewed sources.

Reference 1: Smith, Denis and Elliott, Dominic. Editors. Key Readings in Crisis Management: Systems and Structures For Prevention and Recovery. Routledge. 2006.
Reference 2: Friedman, Mark MD. Everyday Crisis Management: How To Think Like An Emergency Physician. First Decision Press, 2002.
Instructions: Using the knowledge base you acquired in this class and other classes, experience and training, class texts and internet search, write 1 page double spaced essay on each question below.

1. How can we create a more resilient nation from macro to micro; from the federal government to the family and individuals? The gravest source of danger for Americans derives not from acts of nature or terror; it is largely our own negligence that has placed us on the edge of disaster; as we are failing to solve our known problems. What terrorism can succeed in doing is to lead us to attack our own immune system. Discuss with examples.

2. Public Service leaders work in many different ethnic communities and experience ethnic difference in the groups in their workplace. Especially in crisis, people tend to go back to their roots emotionally and to communicate in their childhood language. Describe the cross-cultural and different communication knowledge and skills that would be important in a crisis. Insensitivity to difference can cause what results? Discuss other skills important for public service leaders. (Chapters 11-13 Friedman Text and lecture notes)

3. Family and individual leadership is also important. Discuss types of crises that you and your family might experience and the skills important for leaders of family. Also discuss the aftermath of a crisis. Many will experience personal crisis and family crisis after the stress of crises and disasters. What knowledge and leadership skills will help public service leaders deal with the aftermath. (Chapters 14-22 Friedman Text and lecture notes.

4. Discuss human error and how it affects management leadership skills. Analyze the Mann Gulch situation and the factors in human vulnerability that affected decision-making. Define resilience and the part it played in leadership. Discuss crisis in management itself. Lastly, discuss storming and collective minds. When people “step up to the plate” and work as a collect synergy creates an environment where amazing feats can occur. Do an internet search on synergy and discuss how working together might help to restore equilibrium after a crisis.

5. As a Crisis Management leader, you have been asked to address a community forum on Preventing and Addressing Crises in The Community; including the listing of particular crises that the community might experience. Develop an outline of what you would cover in such a speech.

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