Based upon the revised strategic plan for your chosen healthcare organization, please include the following for this video recording of your PowerPoint presentation:
Create a synopsis of 1–3 areas where additional resources are needed for information technology. (Hint: Integrate clinical, fiscal, and administrative categories for information technology support and/or innovations.)
Include examples of IT innovation needs:
Clinical: tracking HAI’s, Never Events, telemedicine, mHealth, software implementation for clinical innovations/service lines.
Fiscal: Compliance with new billing regulations, Medicaid cost report adjustments, codes for tracking payment denials.
Administrative: Quality reporting, tracking mandatory charity care, referral sources, practitioner databank reports, background checks, scheduling, inventory management, contract management, procurement process costs.
Propose 1–2 evidence-based recommendations for best practice implementation of information technology innovations.
Create a “talking points” communique that articulates your healthcare executive leadership message to the organization. Explain how you will implement the innovations per the revised strategic plan. Include the rationale and benefits for proposed technological innovations.
Demonstrate professional communication by providing a logical, substantive, relevant, and succinct message, while anchoring recommendations in evidence-based practices. (For example, match your leadership style to the organization, incorporate motivational concepts for teams, et cetera.)
Create a PowerPoint recording of a “talking points” communique that is under three minutes. Your presentation should articulate your healthcare executive leadership message to the organization regarding implementing innovations per the revised strategic plan.

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