Conduct an Internet search to identify the data, and in a new file create an Excel table with games dates, your team’s scores, the opponent, and the opponent’s score for each game for the current season or the last season (do not consider ties; include 7 games or more).
In the fifth column, use an IF function to determine if your team won or lost each game – display either Win or Lose.
In the sixth column, use an IF function to calculate by how many points your team won each game or display an empty string by entering “” in the value_if_false argument if your team lost.
Create a statistics area to calculate the average, median, low, and high scores for your team.
Create a summary area to display number of games won and number of games lost. Use Help to learn about the COUNTIF function and use this function to count the number of games won based on the number of Win entries. Use mixed references in the function’s arguments, copy the function, and then edit the second argument of the copied COUNTIF function to calculate the number of games lost.
Highlight data with conditional formatting of choice.
Include a chart of choice relevant for the data and format it appropriately.
Include the URL of where you got the data.
Create a Documentation sheet to include your name, date, and the purpose of the workbook.
Include a footer for all sheets, with you name on the left side, the date code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.
Format the workbook for readability and appeal.

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