How to Write Costco Essay Ivy League to Get You Accepted

How to Write Costco Essay Ivy League to Get You Accepted

We live in an age where anything has the potential to go viral and make someone famous. This is true of the infamous Costco essay. Brittany Stinson, a high school student, was accepted to five Ivies after writing a college entrance essay about her life and her unwavering love for Costco, and it has the internet cheering!

Brittany Stinson of Concord High School discovered at the age of 18 that her noble admission essay earned her acceptance to five Ivy League universities. We’re talking about Yale, Penn State, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford, and Columbia universities.

Anyone who has graduated from high school will agree that there is a period of emptiness and loneliness following college. It’s as if their creativity is frozen, and they begin brainstorming about the future, which is perpetually cloudy.

Acceptance into institutions of higher study such as colleges or universities, however, is a significant transition. The majority of pupils regard it as a watershed moment. If your child wishes to be admitted to selective universities, he or she must be prepared to write something better than the Costco college essay.

To be sure, common application essays or personal statements help define the tiny difference between acceptance and rejection from colleges like Dartmouth or Yale.

Understanding how the Costco essay was written will almost certainly assist you in crafting the ideal admission essay or personal statement that will persuade the admissions committee or board.

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The Costco Essay is what it sounds like. Anyway?

A perfect score on the SATs or a high GPA cannot be used as a factor for admission. Rather than that, the majority of universities and colleges will always need you to submit a personal statement or entrance essay, for which they will provide prompts.

The Costco Essay, also known as Brittany Stinson’s essay, is an essay that served as a personal statement for Brittany when she applied to all of the Ivy League universities or schools, including Stanford.

The Costco personal statement is not a blatant advertisement for Costco on the topic of how to write a Costco essay that will get you accepted. Rather than that, it is a college essay about the student’s experiences at Costco outlets. In 2016, she submitted it in answer to a question for a college application. The prompt stated the following:

Prompt 1: Some students have a significant background, identity, interest, or talent that they believe would make their application insufficient without it. If this describes you, we want you to share your tale.

Brittany wrote the admission essay to the best of her ability based on the prompt. And she did it while demonstrating her creativity, critical thinking, and organizational abilities. She articulated her relevant experience in a way that reflected her individuality. Additionally, the Costco piece examined her relationship with the wholesale store. She cleverly caught the events by tying her upbringing, adolescence, personal characteristics, and strength to her academics.

Thanks to her foresight, she was eventually accepted to the Ivy League, which is infamous for its low acceptance rate and difficulty of admission.

You can view a sample Costco essay from Business Insider. Other pieces, as reported by the Washington Post, have won hearts. Are you familiar with the fabled Pizza admission essay? Indeed, it became viral on the topic of how to write a Costco essay that will get you accepted.

What can the Costco Essay teach you about Admission Essay Writing?

A superb student is one who learns by doing. The Costco college personal statement provides students with an opportunity to practice writing strong personal statements, statements of purpose, and admission essays that will help them gain admission to their ideal colleges or institutions.

  1. Select an amazing subject. The Costco essay’s subject, which was well-reflected in the topic, was one of its most striking qualities. Even with the personal statement prompt in place, you should always choose an exceptional topic for both your application essay and personal statement. However, the question is an excellent place to begin when pondering a theme. Anyone can win the admissions committee’s hearts by producing an essay about themselves or their everyday experiences. However, it takes a specific sort of imagination to precisely connect the theme to the topic. When drafting your personal statement, ensure that your subject is prominent. Maintain a concise, memorable, and amusing style.
  2. Conduct research and think creatively. Although some detractors contend that the Costco or Pizza articles are overblown, the truth is that they were effectively written. Each author demonstrates critical thinking, investigation, and reasoning. Brittany focused on her family’s Costco shopping experience in her argument. To make it more engaging, she revealed personal events and how they shaped her personality. Indeed, she ignored her mother’s wishes and expressed an interest in learning about free samples, goods, and even bargains. The story is the same as Carolina Williams’s Papa John’s Pizza essay, which earned her entrance to Yale. It exhibited her passion, which is a characteristic that your college essay must convey.
  3. Decide on an overarching topic. As is the case with poetry or a book review, a personal statement with a solvable theme is both educational and amusing. Brittany’s story delves into themes of passion, rebellion for the greater good, dedication, and patience. The Brittany Costco article demonstrates a strong command of the English language, the ability to flow ideas, and the use of descriptive vocabulary such as “finitude” or “juxtaposed” that makes the topics obvious. Despite the fact that this is a Costco essay analysis, we urge that you use vocabularies that are contextually appropriate. However, you are not required to create an essay about Costco; simply choose the best encounter that wowed you and nail it!
  4. Establish the Tone. Another aspect of the infamous Costco college essay or the Brittany Costco essay is the tone adopted by the author. Brittany twisted the nuts and squeezed the juice directly into the appropriate mouths, despite the fact that it is official or professional writing. The article is skillfully woven together with humor and seriousness in such a way that it accomplishes its objective. While we believe we have created the best personal statements for kids, reading this helped us raise the bar. While she portrays herself as obstinate with “chubby” legs, she admits that she was motivated by a higher objective – to obtain information, which sarcastically induces good feelings. Therefore, if you want to create a personal statement that will help you gain admission to any college or university, follow Costco’s lead and make your tone unique and conspicuous.

How to Write an Effective Personal Statement and Increase Your Chances of Admission to Any University

We can learn a lot from Costco’s personal statement on the topic of how to write a Costco essay that will get you accepted. Rather than drafting something comparable, use the following methods to create the finest personal statement possible:

  1. Every good work, whether it is a research paper or a personal statement, began as a concept in the mind. We always urge our writers to collaborate with our clients when crafting personal statements. Examine your personal experiences as a child to determine when the desire to study what you desire developed. Listen to yourself, reminisce about your past, and take a deep breath as you plan the paper.
  2. Always be unique. To be sure, there are numerous examples of personal statements and entrance essays available online. However, it would be beneficial if you used them as a source of inspiration rather than as a straight reference for your personal statement form. When writing a common application essay, try to connect your personal experiences to the college essay prompts. For instance, if you enjoyed watching baseball or playing hockey, demonstrate how their team spirit, perseverance, and tenacity inspired you. Occasionally, relate your experiences to your academic performance in the past.
  3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! As with Brittany’s Costco college essay, in which she kept everything basic and only tossed in a few vocabularies, your college essay should be straightforward. We’ve been writing college essays for years, and the ease with which we tie experiences to academic performance, and our passion, always astounds our clients!
  4. Remain Confident and Unapologetic. Brittany’s Costco writings demonstrate an unabashed side, which helps her win over her readers. She asserts firmly that she defied her mother’s desires, but it was all for the greater good. If your previous blunders contributed to your failure, be bold enough to relate them to subsequent ideas that kept you on your toes! And when a personal statement is written honestly and courageously, there is a 100 percent possibility of acceptance.
  5. Be truthful; do not fabricate information in order to obtain it. Avoid using your creativity and imagination to drive you to develop unsustainable lies when writing a personal statement for college. As with the Costco college essay, always tell the truth even when it is painful. While truth has a way of winning hearts, the criminal justice system is the polar opposite.
  6. Re-read, modify, and proofread! It’s always beneficial to pore through your prepared personal statement. If you lack that ability or are too exhausted to do so, seek the assistance of online essay editing services. There are some obvious faults and underlying ideas that can undermine an Ivy League-equivalent essay, which a third eye can identify.

Are Applicants Required to Read the Costco College Essay?

To be sure, the Costco application essay, like many other free college essay samples, may inspire confidence in anyone writing an application essay. The example demonstrates how to create a personal statement fearlessly. Additionally, it is an excellent personal essay template, particularly for graduate school essays. Graduate school essays necessitate a rational, critical, and in-depth approach.

Reading the Costco essay helps familiarize you with effective personal statement transition words, terminology, and hooks.

Nonetheless, the Costco essay is not infallible. Additional writings have been written and published online as free personal statement samples. Therefore, even as you read, do not be ignorant of the need for investigation. There are numerous templates and formats available online. When numerous applicants read an essay such as the Costco college essay, there is a risk of plagiarizing it.

Therefore, use this information to inspire you to develop a well-written, edited, and organized college personal statement!

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