Top 50 Controversial Research Topics for College Students

Writing a contentious research paper or essay is comparable to writing an argumentative essay in that you must express your thoughts clearly and defend your convictions. However, picking the correct controversial research subjects is one of the most difficult aspects of producing a controversial essay or research paper.

We live in a world rife with controversy. Thus, selecting a contentious issue and performing extensive research would be extremely difficult and exciting. By and large, the majority of contentious issues concentrate on societal issues such as religious conflicts, racism, and drug use. However, while choosing a contentious issue, you should prioritize one that is inspiring and allows for the presentation of your ideas or opinions.

To assist you in selecting a controversial topic, we have included recommendations for selecting a good controversial research topic as well as a list of top controversial research topics for you to explore in this blog post.

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Tips for Selecting a Controversial Research Topic

As previously stated, selecting a contentious issue is a difficult undertaking. If you choose an intriguing controversial topic for your controversial research paper or essay, your project will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd and will also help you improve your grades or scores.

The following are a few pointers to keep in mind and follow when selecting a contentious research topic.

  • The contentious issue you choose should be one that piques your interest, and you should also be well-versed in it.
  • The topic you choose should inspire you, and your audience should easily relate to it.
  • Never choose a broad subject because it will be tough for you to express your thoughts accurately.
  • Choose a contentious subject that allows for ample discussion, as you should be able to provide your ideas and counterarguments with appropriate sources when writing a research paper.
  • To produce an authentic controversial research paper, the topic you choose should contain a wealth of supporting evidence, such as statistical data, uncommon facts, and surveys.

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Top Controversial Topics for Research Paper

In the next section, you will find a list of some of the most contentious study subjects that you can use as inspiration for your research paper or thesis.

Research Topics That Are Both Interesting and Controversial

  1. The disclosure of personally identifiable health information.
  2. Uninsured patients’ safety.
  3. Marijuana legalization’s moral dimension.
  4. Should older siblings look after their younger siblings?
  5. The violence contained within video games.
  6. Is vegetarianism a healthy lifestyle choice?
  7. Students with disabilities attitudes.
  8. Are nurses accountable for the behavior of their patients?
  9. Controversies surrounding Covid-19.
  10. The source of religious strife.

Captivating Controversial Research Subjects

  1. The ethical dimension of beauty salons.
  2. Catholicism’s restrictive nature.
  3. Advertisements for tobacco products and their benefits.
  4. The issue of medical tourism.
  5. Male parenting vs. female parenting.
  6. Domestic violence is a result of excessive alcohol intake.
  7. Should college be completely free?
  8. Montessori schools, on the other hand, are a threat to public education.
  9. Should school uniforms be a thing of the past?
  10. Should religion be taught in schools as a required subject?

Students’ Favorite Controversial Research Topics

  1. Should students be permitted to bring cell phones to school?
  2. Dependence on social media.
  3. Is it appropriate for youngsters to have access to Facebook and Instagram?
  4. Should schools teach martial arts?
  5. Capital punishment and its media benefits
  6. In Science, females vs. guys.
  7. The unfavorable image of social media.
  8. Should inmates be granted the right to vote?
  9. Should extravagant parties be prohibited?
  10. The United States foreign policy.

Outstanding Ideas for Controversial Research

  1. The nightclubs’ negativity.
  2. The fashion industry’s shadowy side.
  3. Should minors have access to beauty salons?
  4. The advertising of illegal substances by rappers and rock musicians.
  5. The media’s representation of slavery.
  6. Community colleges have a poor reputation.
  7. The USA’s warped perception of the rest of the globe.
  8. Should nurses withhold information regarding crimes?
  9. The use of opium to induce sleep.
  10. The dissemination of vaccines.

The Most Controversial Research Subjects

  1. The attitude toward AIDS sufferers.
  2. The lowering of the legal drinking age.
  3. Globally, healthcare access is inequitable.
  4. Is cell phone use hazardous to our health?
  5. Is human activity to blame for global warming?
  6. Should we prohibit the use of animals in many types of research?
  7. How might we rethink our attitude toward the death penalty?
  8. The athletes’ morality.
  9. Should the impoverished be exempt from the tax system?
  10. Should student loan debt be forgiven?

Tips for Writing an Engaging Controversial Research Paper

We’ve seen successful strategies for selecting a controversial research paper topic and a list of the most trendy and popular controversial themes thus far.

A controversial research paper, in general, is a form of academic research paper that expresses the author’s thoughts or opinions on a highly charged, debatable subject.

You may select any topic from the list of the above-mentioned contentious issues.

After selecting a contentious research topic, you must adhere to the following guidelines when writing your contentious essay or research paper.

  • The contentious research paper should address all of the important aspects of the chosen subject in a straightforward and succinct manner.
  • Create a succinct and thought-provoking thesis statement that is pertinent to your contentious study subject.
  • Never repeat the same argument throughout the essay. Make certain to address all of the major aspects of the chosen topic and back them up with examples and facts.
  • Your entire piece of writing should compel readers to rethink your beliefs, thoughts, and morality.
  • When creating a contentious research paper, it is critical to include your own viewpoints and counterarguments, as well as pertinent references.
  • When stating your position on a dispute in a research paper, use pertinent statistical data and facts to convince your readers that you have conducted research on the subject.
  • By integrating aspects such as an introduction, body, and conclusion, you may structure and style the contentious research paper in a legible and clear manner.
  • Your problematic research paper’s final draft should be error-free. Therefore, conduct a thorough revision and correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation issues that may exist.

Coming To a close

We hope this clarifies how to choose the best topic for your contentious research paper. There are numerous study issues that are contentious. We have included only a few contentious research subjects in this blog article. You may choose any subject from the list above or consult any other internet resources.

Never write on a subject in which you lack confidence. When writing a contentious research paper, it is critical to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this piece. You can easily earn great scores if you select an intriguing controversial study topic and then create an effective research paper that incorporates your viewpoints and counterarguments with pertinent information.

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