Part 1 – Comparing the Features of Google Analytics and Power BI
Write a description for Reality Models of the similarities and differences between Google Analytics and Power BI. Illustrate your answer by showing how the tools can provide different insights into the data that is given.
Part 2 – KPIs and Power BI
You have also been given the key statistics of sales for RealityModels over the last three years (Reality Models Sales_data.xlsx) which shows sales from 2017-2020.
identify the key KPIs in this data and
show them in a Power BI data report and to mock up a display that shows how information can give valuable insight to management at Reality Models.
Part 3 – Suggestions for Digital Technologies to be Used by RealityModels in Years to Come
You are to reflect on the potential of working with both of these technologies over the next 5 years at RealityModels.
Use theory of marketing and business linking to the importance of KPIs in an organisation to support your arguments. These can include market segmentation-targeting-positioning, customer decision-making, and digital marketing strategies (for example whether or not RealityModels should do B2C as well as B2B sales) as you make a case for the best way forward for RealityModels.
Part 4 – Reference list
Useful links
Sign up for access to the Google account here:
The Google Merchandising store account is here
You can get access to the Google Analytics data here:
MANP007/MKTP030 Resit Assignment All
Check list!
Compare strengths of each of Google Analytics and Power BI for RealityModels.
Using screens and outputs from Power BI solution show how other Sales Data can be used alongside Google Analytics Data to help RealityModels.
Synthesising the work you have done, make recommendations to RealityModels of the best ways that Digital Technologies can be used to improve business or marketing performance in years to come by using related concepts, theories, and models.
Use of related marketing and business concepts, theories, and frameworks.

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