Compare and Contrast Discuss President George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy by comparing and contrasting his decisions regarding three of the following countries: China, Kuwait, Panama, Somalia, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. Explain why you think that he made the decisions that he made.

Expert Answer

President George H.W. Bush is a very conservative and pragmatic leader. He showed these traits in dealing with foreign affairs. Before acting on a situation, he studies the policies first. An example of his conservatism and pragmatism involved China.

When the Chinese government gunned down their people who conducted a peaceful protest, the US government didn’t react as harshly as its people wanted. They imposed limited sanctions. This is because President Bush knows that they still have to deal with China in the future. He did not burn down the bridge on this foreign relation.

China George Bush considered China a key player in world events and cited its importance in geopolitics and thus he wanted the US to have either improved relations. Bush had decided not to approve a request of licensing the export of U.S. satellite c…

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