Process and Analysis Essay This assignments requires Times New Roman 1” margins, paragraph spacing at 0”, 0” double spaced. Four pages. Three qualified sources are required: work cited page should be the fifth page. All quotations must be cited; paraphrase and summary must be cited if the information is not common knowledge. Will check all information cited. Try and use both directional and informational, using a little light hearted humor is recommended. If needed use some personal experience in your essay/ A little personal info on myself- I am an older female that decided to go back to school late in life. I have had more than my fair share of personal problems get in my way of school; however I have not given up. Just this semester alone I have had my older sister in and out of the hospital with heart issues and we are in the process of trying to move her closer to me so I can help take care of her. Last semester I lost two brothers two months apart, I have recently been diagnosed with ADHA which explains a lot of my early struggles with school. The list goes on and on, I am very family oriented, I come from a very large family, so my family comes before all things, even my personal desires. Just giving a little info in case you need to add a personal touch to it.

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