Close analysis of novel

Question:”How does McCarthy’s description of setting and character convey the loss and decay of civilisation in this extract?”

It needs to be an A grade

The specific academic level for this essay is AS.

The extract has to be closely analysed by using literary criticism terms and the essay should use quotes directly from the passage and critically comment on them and the effect this has on the reader and should link back to the question.

The extract is on pages 33-35 on the pages attached below

please follow the mark scheme below :


excellent and consistently detailed understanding of selected passage;

• consistently fluent and accurate writing in appropriate register;

• critical terminology accurately and consistently used;

• well-structured, coherent and detailed argument consistently developed.


• consistently coherent and detailed discussion of effects of language, form and structure in selected passage;

• excellent and consistently effective use of analytical methods;

• consistently effective use of quotations and references, critically addressed,

blended into discussion.

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