CIS8004-Assignment 1 & 2

CIS8004-Assignment 1 & 2
Due date: Assignment 1, & 2
Due Dates: Refer to course website
Value: See the course website (Marked out of 100, each
Description: Professional Business Document
Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance.
The assignment should be packaged as one single pdf file and then submitted via the link
provided on the course page.

All assessment items are individual submissions. You are asked to submit the assignment simply though the link provided.
You are encouraged to discuss the assignment solution path with others to improve your
understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assessment items on your own.
All assignment submissions must be completed individually via your study
desk. Collusion and cheating is considered to be a very serious issue and all
assignments will be closely monitored to ensure that all students are submitting
their own work. This ensures that all students are treated fairly and graded on their
own knowledge and work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to
improve your understanding and clarify requirements however you must not
discuss the actual assignment solution and the solutions to assignment questions
must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and
fellow students, nor provide copies of your work to others. Assignments that do not
adhere to this requirement will be deemed as being the result of collusion or
cheating. This may lead to severe academic penalties as outlined in the Student
Academic Regulation Misconduct policy found at:- It is your own responsibility to ensure the integrity of your
work. It is recommended that you use passwords to protect your files and ensure
that others are unable to access your work.
All assignments must be submitted in electronic form via the link on the Study Desk
by the due date. Ensure that you read the extension guidelines as per the
USQ/BELA policies and procedures. Only requests that fall within the specified
guidelines of USQ/BELA will be considered. Do not assume that all extension
requests will be approved.
Read each assessment item question carefully and refer as required to your course
textbook and I/SB materials. I encourage students to post any queries that they have
regarding this assignment onto the course Study Desk. I also encourage other
students to get involved in theses type of postings. However, you should avoid
directly answering any question related to assessment times. As a course examiner, I
will keep any eye on the forums and intervene wherever required. Please also read the
Study desk item regarding contact with the course team prior to directly contacting
the course team.
Marks can be deducted for the following errors:
1 Problems with format and structure of report
2 Lack of referencing (Harvard referencing format is the acceptable standard
3 Spelling, grammar and expression error
4 Indication of plagiarism/collusion
5 Inappropriate use of in-text references
6 Late Submission as per USQ/FBL policies and procedures (This over ride
any other information available anywhere in the or course website)
a. See the late submission policy of the BELA/USQ for further details.
b. An Assignment submitted more than ten University Business Days after
the deadline will have a Mark of zero recorded for that Assignment. The
assignments and their due dates are listed in the study schedule to give
you some forewarning so that you may organize your study program.
7 Submission of TURNITIN report NOT required for this assessment
item. However, it is student responsibility that the submitted work is
plagiarism and collusion free in any circumstances cases related to
plagiarism and collision you could be awarded ZERO marks. Students
are allowed to use any applications to check their work for plagiarism
and collusion (I believe you are able to open a free account at TURNITIN
website at your own and can use so many other free Plagiarism/Collusion
checking free applications available through the web.
8 Normally, it is hard to put the percentage number correctly on TURNITIN
report as it all depends on the actual report contents produced by the
TRUNITIN application or any other application. As a general rule, less than
10% is acceptable.
9 Review of any assessment item is only possible if the request is received
within 5 days of the release of the marks of the assessment item. After this,
no review request will be accepted.
10 Your assignment should adhere to the Harvard referencing style. Refer to
Chapter 2: Referencing in the Communication skills handbook 3ed by
Summers and Smith for guidance on how you should cite your references
following this style. (if you need further information or help in this regards,
contact the USQ library).
11 For all assessment item digital file naming convention: When you have
an assessment item you need to upload digitally, please use the following
naming convention when saving your digital document: (If you do not
follow this you will lose marks)
Student last name_Assessment_Name &#_CISXXXX_Student
a. For example, the first assignment for CIS8004 submitted by Poul Moller,
student # 005890420163. If I (Mr. Poul Moller) were uploading this
assessment item, file would be named as follow:
Assignment 1 (20% – Due on 07 April 2016)
Topic: Systems Planning
Length: 1200 words excluding reference list
You have been hired as an Information Systems consultant to examine My Health
Centre, a fictitious State Government Hospital, with about 20 specialists. My State
Hospital offers diabetic services to general public in the state. The services include
initial screening, ongoing diagnosis and periodical treatment. The costs are recovered
through the State Government subsidy provided.
The Hospital is modern and comes with the state-of-the-art technology infrastructure,
including limited wireless systems. The registrar, who is responsible for all patient
safety and service quality affairs wanted to revise the IT infrastructure, especially
interested in the access to all hospital services available from their existing HIS
through mobile devices and tablets inside and beyond the Hospital.
Your task is to develop a Business Systems Planning document with full justification
as to how these are applicable for the organisation. Your planning document must
determine how best to accommodate smart handheld devices to access various
services provided by the Hospital through its HIS. Your task is to come with a
planning document as to how a smart handheld devices system can be implemented
as an effective interface to the HIS in order to improve the business processes. You
can include any logical assumptions made with critical analysis however these must
be clearly stated. You MUST also address the following:
• Any potential customer of My State Hospital can securely access all
relevant information pertaining to services offered using a variety of
smart handheld devices.
• The planning should involve provision for security, privacy and other
end user concerns with using smart handheld devices, along with
appropriate justification.
• Your planning document should discuss various technical options
available for the new interface (data, integration, application, security,
collaboration, network and systems management), along with
appropriate justification.
• The planning document should involve consideration for various
interfaces (native or SDK) for mobile applications (e.g. Apple App
Store, Android Google Store or HTML5 web format).
• The planning document should also include a high level business
benefits and budget outlining a provisional list of expense items, along
with appropriate justification.
• The planning document should enlist a number of key recommendations
for the implementation of the mobile interface to the HIS.
• You don’t have to provide a costing plan now, as this will be done in the
second assignment.
• Include a recommendation on how change will be managed and the
adoption of the new capabilities will be promoted and monitored
You will prepare a planning document with an executive summary on how the above
aspects can be accommodated. The planning document is a simple report but covering
all aspects stated above in a succinct manner. You have been a given a word limit of
1200 words (excluding references, tables and diagrams). You can use any style for
business report writing as long as the report is professional and presentable.
Assignment 2 (30% – Due on 12 May 2016)
Topic: Systems Implementation
Length: 1500 words (maximum – excluding appendices)
This is a follow up from Assignment 1. My State Hospital has approved your
planning document and they have now asked you to implement your
recommendations from the planning document. Initially, you will develop a
Systems Implementation document detailing the following:
• ICT infrastructure required to implement your plan, along with
appropriate justification.
• An Enterprise Systems that is required to implement your plan, along
with appropriate justification.
• Recommend an implementation methodology to ensure the successful
implementation of the infrastructure and enterprise system.
• A comprehensive costing analysis, along with appropriate justification.
• A roadmap to highlight the sequence of project/ milestones to support
your plans transition from the current state to future state. Include key
critical success factors for each step in the plan.
• Include a risk analysis for the plan with mitigating plans for any high
risks items
Your documentation should highlight how you plan to assure privacy and security
aspects as customer details need to be secured. Otherwise, the Hospital will be
subjected to legal prosecution. Therefore, you need to verify your design concept
carefully, accommodate appropriate testing protocols, and a comprehensive schedule
for quality assurance.
My State Hospital, at this stage, is not interested in actual development. They want
only an implementation plan schedule and how this implementation can be
accomplished successfully.
You have the freedom to use any business report-writing format of your choice, as
long as the report is professional and presentable.
Other related information for Assignment 1 & Assignment 2
• You are encouraged to see other countries’ HIS system websites to get
an idea as to how the smart handheld devices are being used;
• The word count allows for a variation of 5%. The markers will stop
reading beyond this, and any information provided beyond the word
limit is ignored.
• You assume the responsibility to assure the report you are producing is
of high quality, including plagiarism and collusion checks. You NEED
NOT have to produce plagiarism report with the assignment. However,
the markers will undertake these checks (using any tools that you have
access to), and if any integrity issues are found, you will be awarded a
score of zero, and the work will be referred as ‘Academic Misconduct’.
• Please package the report as a PDF version only.
• The assignment submission website will be closed after three working
days so that they can be distributed to markers.
• Any queries regarding these assignments will be closed two working
days before the submission date.
• Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance.
• The entire report including appendices will be packaged as one singlepdf file and then submitted.SubmissionAssignment 1 and Assignment 2 are an individual submission. You are asked to submitthe assignment simply though the link provided through the course website.You are encouraged to discuss the assignment solution path with others to improve yourunderstanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to theassignments on your own.Marking criteria –• Marking criteria for Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 Will be provided through the coursewebsite.

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