3500 words digital marketing campaign on the chosen company Choose One of the following companies: • Adidas• Burberry • L’Oréal• Samsung • Spotify• Tesla• Aldi• Tesco Assuming the role of a marketing manager, you are expected to create a digital marketing campaign. Assessment Guidance: •An executive summary highlighting the rationale for your campaign, your vision and big idea and what results you aim to achieve. Your executive summary should highlight the key themes and outputs of your campaign so the reader can gain a quick understanding of your creative idea, execution and forecasted results. (500 words). •An integrated marketing communications plan which should include the following: o Campaign plan, containing objectives, strategy and communications plan which explains your media choices and spend. o Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), recommended measurement and distribute on of the marketing budget over the campaign period / by channel to get a maximum return on investment.
•Data strategy –define your target audience and segments. o Your campaign idea and creative strategy. o Test and learn plan. o Incorporate the evidence matrix to demonstrate your engagement with course materials Section 2:Reflexive commentary (500 words)A critical reflection of your changing practice and professional accountability. The reflexive commentary is a synoptic ‘stitching together’ your leaning journey thorough this course. You should discuss key topics covered within the units and your involvement with the online forum. In it you should:• Identify topics and themes–covered, emergent and implications • Synthesise ideas from the different units.• Critically evaluate your learning from writing the digital marketing plan.• Reflect on how this learning will influence your practice. Section 3: Evidence matrix In this section you should provide evidence for your engagement with the learning materials and your involvement with the online forum (a template will be provided) Additional Instructions –Please read carefully Your report must have a clear structure and must include: •Cover page •Table of contents (Table of tables/figures if necessary) •References –at Master level you must use in-text citations to support your arguments and any work cited must appear in the References list at the end of the work. Make sure you use Harvard referencing style.

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