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Best Cause and Effects Essays Services from Expert WritersAll students must pass through writing an essay before they can graduate. There are numerous essays, including narrative, explanatory, scholarship, and persuasive essays. The purpose of a cause and effects essay is to discuss the various causes of an event and the various effects that the event had on the people involved.

Writing a cause and effects essay may be required for a writing class, but you may also encounter this assignment type in other academic settings. Students in a business or nursing class, for example, might be asked to write about the reasons for the decline of a specific company, or they might be asked to discuss the reasons for the rise in obesity rates in the US.

The purpose of cause and effects essays is to find and discuss the events that lead to specific outcomes. A cause and effect essay requires that you have thoroughly researched the grounds and are confident that you can explain why they led to the particular results you’re writing about. All causes and effects can be your focus or combine both.

Cause and effect essays necessitate good writing skills and plenty of time to conduct thorough research. As a result, students are often too busy with non-academic pursuits like sports, club activities, and jobs to devote sufficient time to writing their essays. Another major disadvantage that many students face is the inability to write well, and students can get the best cause and effects essays from quickly.

Writing Process of Cause and Effects Essays

It’s never been easy to write a cause-and-effect essay, and the writing of a cause and effects essay necessitates analytical thinking and a well-structured outline. These six steps will help you write cause and effects essays effectively.

  1. Brainstorm Essay Topics for Your Cause and Effects Essays

Thinking about what might be causing what you see in the world is an integral part of coming up with an excellent cause-and-effect topic. For example, look at changes in the environment or human culture and social movements or the evolution of new ideas. Alternatively, you could write a literary analysis essay that examines how characters, settings, and events are all connected.

  1. Create a Thesis

A single cause-and-effect relationship can focus on your thesis statement, or you can show how a single event has multiple consequences. Additionally, you can look into the various causes of a phenomenon.

  1. Use Body Paragraphs to Organize Your Most Important Thoughts

Each of your body paragraphs should explain why your thesis is correct in a unique way. When you write your essay, write down a detailed outline so that each section focuses on a different part of the relationship between your subject and the things that caused it.

  1. Begin with a First Draft

Make a rough draft of your essay based on your thesis statement and the ideas you collected for your body paragraphs. Make a specific case for how one person, thing, idea, or event affects another to make an impactful argument. Keep your body paragraphs on track by using strong topic sentences and transitional words.

  1. Verify the Clarity and Logic of Your Work

What questions should you ask yourself? Is my argument well-reasoned? As I claim, do my examples show how one event led to the next? Do my transitions and topic sentences make sense? Have I made a strong case for my position?

  1. Complete the Final Draft

Rewrite your essay after you’ve given it an honest appraisal of your work. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to write a concluding statement. An essay on cause and effect relies on critical thinking and the ability to communicate logic clearly through the written word. If you’ve done all of these things correctly, you’re likely to have a strong essay.

Tip: Being aware that something happens before something else does not mean that the two are connected. Mistaking chronological order for causality can lead to erroneous conclusions.

Cause and Effects Essays Structure

A cause-and-effect essay can be structured in two ways. As with problem-solution essays, they can be organized in a block or chain structure. In the block structure, all of the causes are listed first, followed by all of the effects. In a chain structure, each cause is immediately followed by its effect. This structure is known as a ‘chain’ because the first effect usually causes the next one. There are advantages to using either type of structure. The former is generally easier to understand, especially for shorter essays, while the latter ensures that any effects you present are directly related to the causes you have given.

Here is an example of a block-structured essay on the causes and effects of bullying:

  1. An interesting introduction

  1. The Main Body

  • Cause #1: The behavior of bullies is frequently explained by their desire to be noticed.
  • Cause #2: Domestic conflicts can result in bullying.
  • Bullying is a global problem with various short- and long-term consequences for society.
  • Bullying can have a detrimental effect on one’s mental health.
  • Bullying has a detrimental effect on students’ self-esteem, transforming them into insecure adults.
  1. Conclusion

  • Bullying is a significant issue in the modern world that must be addressed appropriately to maintain a welcoming and positive environment for all.

In contrast to the block structure, the chain structure assumes that each cause is immediately followed by its corresponding effect. To form a chain of causes and effects in this structure, each effect must be the next cause.

Here’s an example of a chain-structured essay outline for the same topic: ‍

  1. Introduction

  • Victims of bullying may become bullies themselves.
  1. Main Body

  • Cause #1 & Effect of Cause #1: Problems in the family can be a major factor in bullying -> Bullying can lead to a person engaging in self-destructive behavior over the long term.
  • Cause #2 & Effect of Cause #2: In many cases, self-destructive behavior transforms bullied individuals into bullies themselves.-> Psychological post-traumatic disorders can arise as a result of bullying.
  • Cause #3 & Effect of Cause #3: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can have a negative impact on victims’ families. -> This creates a hostile environment in the home for children, which may lead to an even more aggressive form of bullying.
  1. Conclusion

  • Bullying’s causes and effects are so intertwined that it can create a cycle of trauma that leads to even more bullying, making it extremely difficult to deal with.

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