You have been hired as Project Manager of the MacArthur Incorporated e-Investments
project (see attached case study). The Project Sponsor has asked you to “do an initial
scoping of the project”, keeping in mind that the project should be finished by the end of
January 2016.
As you are new to MacArthur Incorporated, you inquire as to what must be covered in the
initial project scoping. You are informed that this step in MacArthur’s project management
methodology is called a “Project Charter” and is used to lay out the project’s basic
parameters for signoff by the senior executive team. If the broad parameters of the project
are approved, then the project can proceed to the planning phase.
The project charter must contain the following sections as per the Assignment 1 Template.
1. The document purpose
2. A brief description of the background to the project
3. The project’s goals or objectives
4. The project’s Measureable Organization Value (MOV)
5. The project stakeholders (with name, position and contact details)
6. A definition of the project’s product-oriented scope
7. A three level Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
8. The project’s success criteria
9. Summary
10. Recommendations

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