Business intelligence report

1. Business Intelligence Report about (UNITED NATION)
(Maximum of 2 sides of A4 paper; max word count 800 words)

Collect business intelligence in relation to an employer of your choice. The employer should be an organisation that you would be interested in working for.

You will need to carry out research, and then write a report, based upon the information that you have found.

The report should collect and present the sort of information that you would need in order to write a covering letter, CV and application form for work experience. You should therefore focus on details and information about the employer that would support your application and make your application stand out from the rest.

2. Legal Blog
(Maximum of 1 side of A4 paper; max word count of 400 words)

Commercial awareness involves a number of skills. In addition to being able to demonstrate understanding of an organisation, its work and values, you also need to demonstrate an awareness of broader issues affecting your chosen industry or area of work.

Identify a current legal issue that would be of interest to your chosen employer.

Write a ‘blog post’ about this issue.

In writing your blog post, you may wish to consider:

• The issue you chose should be one that would be relevant or of interest to your chosen employer.
• Your post should have a point of view, but it is not a polemic. Your blog should present a balanced picture of the issue and reach a conclusion on the basis of these arguments.
• Your writing style should be clear and engaging (consider examples of legal blogs – how do they engage the reader? What style of writing do they adopt?)
You should provide references for the arguments you put forward, using the OSCOLA style.

3. Reflection
(Maximum word limit of 600 words)

Reflect upon the process of preparing the above documentation and how you may use these writing and employability skills in the future.

You should consider covering the following points within your reflection:

• On Business Intelligence Report:
o Why did you select the organisation you did? Reflect on what your choice tells you about yourself.
o Reflect on the impact of your report on the preparation of the other documentation in this submission.

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