BUS5008: Business Entrepreneur Part(I) Assignment (Group Work)

BUS5008: Business Entrepreneur Part(I) Assignment (Group Work)

earning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:

Learning outcomes (numbers identical to those in the module specification):

  1. Critically evaluate how traits and organisational size influence successful business activities of an entrepreneur within the SME context.
  2. Research and develop a set of appropriate business actions for an SME.
  3. Identify creative ways to present a chosen set of appropriate business actions creatively to an audience.

A group presentation on the suggested development of a small and medium sized organisation of 15 minutes. – 25 %       Assessing LO 1 and 2


To pass: Note; This is a pitch presentation. Groups are to provide an outline of the business (including a brief history and details of the segment within which it operates) along with details of a new opportunity within the market. Groups are then to provide details of the rationale for exploiting the new opportunity along with details of how this will be undertaken (the strategy). Any identified risks should be discussed along with mitigation strategies and the potential benefits to the business of exploiting the opportunity.


Groups are to provide details of the amount of money required along with justification for the investment. Details of how the money will be spent in the execution of the strategy should also be provided. Points will be awarded for the use of tools such as Ansoff’s Matrix, Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT & PESTEL.


  1. Groups are required to choose a business. Business selection needs to fit each of the following criteria:


  1. SME (Small or Medium Enterprise comprising of less than 250 employees)
  2. West Midlands based or an international business with a local presence
  3. Will have been trading for at least 2 years
  4. Will be selected from one of the following sectors: Tech, Health, Creative, Social, Hospitality.


Part 1 Pitch Presentation


  1. The idea is that you are pitching for money in order to capitalise on a new opportunity within the market. You need undertake market analysis, develop new ideas and pitch for an appropriate level of funding to potential investors. Your pitch should include all of the following:


The creative pitch presentation should clearly show the following key elements of a situational analysis and offer outline suggestions for business actions of a real life business situation for an SME in the UK:

  • Context: who is your entrepreneur? What type of business do they operate? What factors inform and motivate them
  • An analysis of the current situation of the business, including an analysis of the external environment (industry, competitors) and current market(s)
  • Insight into the sector
  • Details of the new opportunity that has presented itself
  • Suggestions for developing the business further by capitalising on the identified opportunity (a new product or service, new markets, other forms of innovation)
  • Target customers and customer segments, current and future, outline ways customers are reached and s/could be reached in the future
  • What additional revenue streams you suggest to bring money in
  • How much money do you need and why? How will the money be spent in the execution of your intended strategy


This is a 15 minute pitch presentation. Everyone within your group must participate. You can make use of Microsoft Powerpoint or any other creative presentation devices in order to convince investors of the value of your strategy. Be prepared to answer questions.


You need to evidence that you’ve applied business development tools in order to come up with your new ideas. E.g. Porters 5 forces

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