BUILDING WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPSAssignment OverviewView the following video on workplace investigations: (Gregg Learning, 2018) Gregg Learning (2018). HR Basics: Investigations 2e. Retrieved from View this video about a breakroom brawl. (Urban Vids, 2019) Urban Vids (2019). Massive Fight at their Workplace. Retrieved from SLP AssignmentWell, we must say that not all workplace tensions escalate to this level! However, when they do, there are follow-up steps that need to be taken. In this assignment, you will focus on conducting a workplace investigation. You are an HR specialist assigned to investigate this breakroom brawl. Outline in full sentences your approach and discuss why you chose the steps you recommend to investigate. No one was seriously hurt and the plant owner does NOT want the police called due to bad publicity. The labor union at the plant did nothing to stop the fight and perhaps was involved. The plant owner/manager does, however, want to find out from your approach how and why this happened and who is responsible. Be sure to also discuss what next steps might be available to prevent this from happening again. You wonder if coaching, counseling, and/or corrective actions are warranted. You may need to add fictitious names and other realistic, but fictitious, information to round out your SLP 4. Submit your 2- to 3-page paper by the modules due date. The post BUILDING WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS appeared first on Template.

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