Each organisation will have a series of plans that should reflect the core activities of the organisation and be designed to meet established organisational goals. It is important that the section you manage has its plans aligned with the requirements of organisation plans and goals. Are you aware of the goals you are required to meet and how such goals impact on the goals of the organisation? How do you ensure your planning is such that it is aimed at achieving section goals and thereby organisational goals? What resources do you need to meet the goal?

Key Organisational goals:
Related roles of team leaders: 
Plan for meeting section’s goals:
Required resources:

Consider one key goal of the organisation that you are involved in achieving. How is this goal to be achieved? What role do you play in ensuring resources are available to achieve this goal? How do the teams you manage contribute to meeting that goal?
Specify the resources you are required to supply in achieving that goal in the following table on the next page (Include information such as: the research you would undertake to secure appropriate resources; the analysis of resource requirements in terms of quantity, quality, cost and fit with plan requirements; documentation of your resource requirements; and how you will ensure those resources are available as and when required, including the key people with whom you will need to consult.


In developing operational plans, how do you ensure that there is a clear link between the plans of your section and the strategic direction of you organisation? How well does the work of your team leaders you manage contribute to organisational outcomes? Detail the process you would undertake for developing key performance indicators to measure organisational performance relevant to your role in the organisation. How do you ensure the development and implementation of contingency plans at appropriate stages of operational planning? Discuss.

How well do you ensure that resources are re-allocated and/or temporary plans are put in place to overcome short-term events which impact on meeting the section’s and/or organisation’s outcomes? Consider three possible events that could occur and how you would plan to ensure that outcomes are realised as required. How might the operations of your team leaders be disrupted? How might these events impact on meeting the organisation’s goals? What plans would you install to ensure that required outcomes are met? How might you draw resources from other parts of the organisation? Discuss

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