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benihana simulation best strategy

Assignment overview:

After an induction to the online simulation each individual student will receive a “course link” that will allow access to the Operations Management Simulation: Benihana. Each student will test and run the first five simulation challenges (see video clip on Moodle, under the theme “Managing Service Operations”), and leave their simulation results on the simulation web site. At the end of the simulation and on the basis of challenge 6, students write a discussion of their simulation performance, the strategy adopted in challenge 6, and the lessons learned from the simulation form the perspective of service operations.

Overall aim:

The aim of this assignment is to confront the student with a simulation exercise and present their analysis and solution. The student will demonstrate his analytical and decision making skills in problematic situations encountered in the life of a restaurant manager.

Learning outcomes (from the CRS):

  • identify key trends and parameters of the evolving context of service organizations, and their effects upon service operations and the people in them
  • apply fundamental models and technique of planning, decision-making and monitoring systems in long-term and day-to-day operating situations
  • use current quality tools and techniques for improving service processes
  • develop methods for organizing processes and delivery systems in contexts of technological change

Organisation & methodology:

The individual simulation report should be a 2500 words analysis of your simulation performance and a reflection on the lessons learned in service operations, using the following outline:

Cover page (course title, faculty, student name, assignment title, date, words count)

Table of content

List of tables and list of figures

  1. Introduction (background to the simulation, assumptions, limitations)
  2. Discussion of the decision parameters (variables)
  3. Presentation and analysis of the simulation results (best strategy: challenge 6)
  4. Reflection of lessons learned



Resources available:

A list of references (required and additional) is found on the Moodle site and relevant articles from business and academic journals are found in the library databases.

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