Assignment1: Comprehensive Case Study
Assignment1: Comprehensive Case Study
Assignment1: Comprehensive Case Study
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Week 7 – W7 Assignment 1 Assignment 1: Comprehensive Case Study General Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Study – Week 7 Assignment 1 Your case study should not be just a SOAP note of a patient encounter—it should be a comprehensive evaluation of an iHuman patient case. You will complete a Comprehensive SOAP note on the approved Pediatric SOAP Note template based on the findings of the iHuman case – then major research and discussion of the disease process are presented. This case study should be a summative evaluation supported by a minimum of 5 evidence-based articles. Evaluation of the case study should be no more than 3-4 substantive paragraphs. A minimum of five evidence-based sources (in addition to your text) should be used for your case study. Course texts will not count as a scholarly source; if using data from websites you must go back to the literature source for the information-no secondary sources are allowed, ie, Medscape, UptoDate, etc. This week, complete the iHuman case titled “Tommy Acker, Child Abuse”. Click here for information on how to access and navigate iHuman. Please submit your Comprehensive SOAP Note and Growth Chart in the W7 Assignment 1 Dropbox by Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Name your SOAP note document SU_NSG6435_W7_A1_lastname_firstinitial.doc i-Human i-Human is an interactive cloud based system that provides comprehensive learning that integrates clinical experience. The i-Human system helps students develop patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning skills at various levels of education. Students will receive online guidance, feedback, and coaching during the learning process. Student Login Instructions for i-Human Logging in to i-Human: Log on at: Next Steps: 1) If you were unable to attend a Student Orientation Webinar, please watch this introduction video: 2) Additional tutorial videos can be found on the i-Human home screen under the title “Player Screencast Tutorials” 3) After attending the webinar or viewing the tutorial you are ready for your first practice case. 4) The i-Human Student Support Center (link on the home screen under the videos) is a resource for our most frequently asked questions. The Student Manual is also located here. 5) If you are having any issues that are not answered through the webinars, videos or support center, you can email: Tutorials for this Question
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