Assignment 1 – Pre PEP clinical skill evaluation

  • hoose a lab partner. Perform the clinical skills of taking a temperature, pulse and respirations. Document these on the observation chart provided.(Additional observation charts can be found in the clinical documents folder on FLO)

For information on how to perform the practical skills of temperature, pulse and respirations, refer to:

Berman et. al. 92015) Kozier and Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Australian edition, Australia, Elsevier Chapter 30. “Vital signs”

This chapter also discussed Blood Pressure and Oxygen saturation. You may wish to read about these clinical signs, although they are not required for this assignment.

  • One component of assessing a person’s health involves gaining information about the person’s lifestyle. Ask your lab partner two (2) questions about their lifestyle in relation to their health and include in your questions information about their diet and exercise choices.


  • Document two (2) subjective and two (2) objective pieces of information/data that you have collected from or about your lab partner that supports your assessment of their health status.

For assistance with this assignment, refer to:

  • Week 4 and 5 study plan materials
  • Berman et. al. (2015) Kozier and Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing 3rd Australian edition, Australia, Elsevier Chapter 27. “Communicating and relating”


  • Write a 500 word reflection piece that addresses the following:

Reflect on how you used professional communication when performing a health assessment    with your lab partner.

Reflect on how the use of verbal and non-verbal communication facilitates a therapeutic             relationship.

Identify any barriers to communication that you or your lab partner encountered and how          this impacted, or had the potential to impact, on your ability to collect subjective and                objective data.

This reflection should incorporate the two questions you asked your lab partner in relation to their lifestyle and health as well as the two subjective and two objective pieces of data you ascertained.

This reflection should be written in the first person. Referenced evidence from literature/research is required to support your statements. This is an academic paper therefore it requires an introduction of approximately 50 words, and a conclusion of approximately 50 words.

Refer to the marking rubric as well as the student companion for more information about presenting assignments.

Submit onto flo as one document –

  • The scanned completed TPR chart.
  • The 500 word reflection piece.
  • The blank marking rubric.

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