Assignment 1.1 – Case/function matrix assignment writing service

The first assignment concerns process identification, i.e. defining the scope and set of activities of a company that will be subject to analysis. Since a very large number of activities, accomplished at various levels of detail, may be under consideration, process identification often has to assign priorities and clearly define the perimeter of what is and what is not part of the project. More details about process identification can be found in FBPM, chapter 2, pages 33-42.


The first assignment is a case/function matrix. This type of matrix is described in FBPM, chapter 2, pages 49-57. Briefly, a case/function matrix correlates a set of case types with organisational functions. A case type identifies a type of goods or services provided by an organisation, while a function identifies a particular function done by the organisation. For instance, a typical bank has “private banking” and “corporate banking” case types and functions such as “lending money”, “receiving deposits”, and “managing accounts”. The case/function matrix correlates case types with functions and provides an high-level, simplified approach to characterise a complex business as a collection of external services provided to clients, identified as case types, and internal activities done across the organisation to accomplish those services, identified as functions.


Business processes can then be defined as a concise, coherent collection of functions supporting a set of case types. For instance, a “loans” process can be identified as a collection of functions like “processing”, “application” and “managing account” that may be applied both to “private banking” and “corporate banking”.


So, your goal for assignment 1 is to carefully analyse the business case and identify case types and functions. Then, build the case/function matrix. The correlations are expressed as a binary relationship (“yes” or “no”, but only show “yes” correlations on the table). As suggested in FBPM, chapter 2, you should also identify a collection of processes as coherent groups of correlations between case types and functions.


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