Create a native application for Android devices that tests the user knowledge of a certain topic. Your application should have at least 10 questions hard-coded and each time the user starts the application, 4 of these questions are selected randomly. one question is fixed to use the four image answer in the Fourth Fragment.For every question, the user should select one option out of the four options presented.Use five fragments to show the 5 questions and answersIn the first fragment, the answers are displayed in the Buttons.In the second fragment, the answers are displayed in the CheckBoxs.In the third fragment, the answers are displayed in the RadioButton.In the Fourth fragment, the answers are displayed in the ImageView.In the Fifth fragment, the answers are listed in the ListView.When the user answers the fifth question, the application should display the user’s score and one of the following messages depending on their score in another activity. Score 0/5, 1/5 and 2/5 Message => “Please try again!”Score 3/5 Message => “Good job!”Score 4/5 Message => “Excellent work!”Score 5/5 Message => “You are a genius!” The topic for the questions should be chosen carefully and all the questions should be meaningful. All the questions should be based on the topic you have chosen.If the score of the test is Option 1 (see above) user should be given an option to retake the quiz.

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