The paper tends to discuss the oddity of Aphra Behn, who is a female writer of 1688 and known as a very famous female novel writer. Her writing style depicts her personality, and her chosen topics are indicative of her station and feminism. The writing style of Behn affects the understanding of the readers. Therefore, the paper is based in the oddity of Aphra Behn novels, writings and her personality.

It is evident that the Behn’s chosen topics are clearly indicative of her feminism. After reading her written work, it can be said that there are many topics in which she has added an essence of female problems. The author always discussed issues regarding women of respective time and situation whether in the novels she is or she explored slavery or racism. It is the reason she is one of the first English professional female literary writers (Scriblerian and Kit-Cats. 3).

Herein, it should be noted that her writing style affects the understanding of the readers. The feminist touch in her writings provides a chance to understand the issues related to women of that time. Whether the issues were from slavery or racism, the women problems were highlighted. In order to explain this point, an example can be taken from Behn’s famous novel Oroonoko. In which, she used her personal experiences to provide the understanding of the piece and the situation (Scriblerian and Kit-Cats. 2).

It can be concluded that she became more famous after sixteenth century. After research, it will not be incorrect to state that there are many authors and articles in which Aphra Behn’s work is appreciated and discussed. Moreover, it is clear that her feminist experiences have added an understanding about her writings.

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Scriblerian and Kit-Cats. “Behn.” Recent Articles 45.2 (2014): 109-155.

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