Analyzing Democratization or lack of Democratization


Write a 1-2 pages long essay in reaction to these readings.

-Potter, “Explaining Democratization,” Chapter 1 in Potter et. al. Democratization, and Appendix (pp. 37-38).

-Haerpfer, Democratization, Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 6

-Linz and Stepan, Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation, Chapters 1-5.

  • Your essay should answer the following question:
    • 1) What is the most persuasive theory explaining democratization? Why?
    • 2) What is the least persuasive one? Why?

Your essay must have an introduction (what this essay is about, what is your argument, and how you are organizing the essay), body (where you develop your argument and you follow the order in which you organized the paper as stated on the introduction) and a conclusion.

Please make sure that you do not spend too much time and space summarizing the theory. The idea is to make you think critically about the readings. If you need to quote, please use end notes or footnotes.

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