The definition of Theme is often abridged to “the main idea.” However, Theme is more involved than that. Essentially, a theme is the author’s message–what the author wants to tell his/her readers about people in general. Themes can be supported by many of the story’s components, particularly the characters’ words, actions, and conflicts.
Initial response: One of the best ways to analyze theme is to look at it through children’s literature. For this response, think of a children’s story/book and analyze what the theme is. What is the author trying to tell children about life? About people?
What story are you choosing? If you can find a link to the book or story, please post this.
Provide a brief summary of the story (be careful about cutting and pasting. Please use your own words)
What do you feel is the theme of this story and WHY?
Be sure to include text examples with your response
End your response by asking a question of your classmates
Peer Responses: Please be sure to respond to at least two of your peers’ initial posts. Address their choices of story and their analyses. Do you have any relationship to this story? Do you agree/disagree with the choice of theme and text examples? Be sure to respond to the question posed by your peers.

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