Analysing a painting

Select a painting, a piece of literature (poetry or prose) or an extract from a history text from your own culture or from another with which you are familiar.
Using the analytical and descriptive techniques taught in the module, analyse the ‘text’ in terms of its structure (the way it has been constructed by its author).
Explain the text in relation to the other aspects of the cultural environment in which it was produced, highlighting relevant political,
social, economic and artistic aspects that you think might have influenced it.
Provide an interpretation of the meaning(s) of the text.
Evaluate the analytical techniques you have used and state to what extent you consider them appropriate and useful in understanding the text.
Prepare a short structured essay of between 1,800 and 2,200 words (excluding appendices) using double space presentation and 11 point Arial text (the same as this handbook), with:
The standard IC front sheet signed by you.
A separate front sheet for the essay showing
the title of the essay,
your name and student number,
the module name and number,
the name of your module leader and
the date of submission;
word count

A clear introduction setting out what you are examining, the methods you will use and the sort of conclusion (aims) you expect to reach;
The analysis and arguments leading to an interpretation of the text; and
A conclusion setting out the results of your findings (your interpretation, a summary of the reasons and evidence for it and your evaluation of the analytical techniques);
A bibliography of the sources and texts you have consulted to prepare the essay;
Appendices containing supporting information you consider relevant;
The essay should be referenced using the Harvard system of referencing (see the explanatory notes at the end of this handbook).
I want to you describe the paint ”The bitter draught of slavery ” by Ernest Normand

this is the paint on this link below

Ernest Normand (1859–1923) was a notable painter in ((Victorian England)). He painted history and orientalist paintings, and also undertook portraits.

Pre-Raphaelites.<< make sure to mention this the type of the paint and a little bit about the painter’s life.

with a full discrbetion of the story of the paint

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