Identify one health inequality.
State and discuss at least one impactthe health inequality has on either the health orwellbeing of the patient/service user.
Section 2–
UsingEvidence to Improve Nursing Care (600words)From your discussion, identify and analyse onerelevant piece of research or policy which relates to quality or safety. To answer this section successfully you must:
Identify one piece of research or a policy which relates to your chosen patient/service user.
Analyze how this research or policy could improve the quality or safety of the nursing care your patient/service user receives.
Section 3 –Self-Management and Ethics (400words)
Critically discuss one approach by which the nurse may help the patient/service user to manage their own health and analyse an underpinning ethical principle.To answer this section successfully you must:
Identify one self-management initiative,and discuss how this could empower thepatient/service user to increase the management of their own health.
Choose one of the ethical principles shown below,and analyse how it relates to the role ofthe nurse in empowering patients: 1) Beneficence, 2) Non-maleficence, 3) Autonomy or4)Justice.

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