Advance topic in networking

  1. Software-Defined Networks (SDN) is a new paradigm in network management that adds another layer (i.e., Network Operating System) to the architecture. Answer the following questions in the context of SDN with your reasoning.

(a) Is it scalable? Why?

(b) Is it less responsive? Why?

(c) Does it create a single point of failure? Why?

(d) Is it inherently less secure? Why?

(e) Is it incrementally deployable? Why?

2.RED randomly drops packets when it experience congestion. The probability of drop increases as the average queue size increases.

(a) Does it do a better job for uniform or bursty traffic? and why?

(b) Does it drop packets from the head of the queue or from the tail of the queue? and why?

(c) Does it make any difference; head/tail drop? and why?

  1. Carefully read the short article OpenFlow: A Radical New Idea in Networking (, and answer the following questions.

The author argues that the deployment of SDN in general and OpenFlow in specific towards network democratization is a crazy idea. Do you agree? If yes, how come SDN has been supported and being deployed by many networking vendors. If not, give one scenario that SDN could cause disruptions.


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