1.While the documentary film does not explicitly mention the core theoretical frameworks of sociology, its analysis of commercial culture is implicitly based on some of those frameworks. Trace the ways in whichthe film utilizes ONE core theoretical framework by connecting that framework’s key concepts and theories with the film’s analysis.Demonstrate thorough and accurate knowledge of the framework you are tracing.
2.According to the film, in what ways is commercial culture designed to promote a certain ideology? What are the key characteristics of this commercial ideology? How would you describe the relationship between the ideology of commercial culture and the sociological imagination? In your analysis, demonstrate accurateknowledge of the concepts of “ideology”and “sociologicalimagination.”
3.According to the film, in what ways iscommercial culture designed topromote a high looking-glass-selforientation(LGSO)? What is the marketing strategy behindthis promotion of a high LGSO? Which social and psychological problems may arise from a high LGSO? In your own estimate, in whatways dosocial media promote a high LGSO?Be sure to demonstrate accurateknowledge of the conceptof the “looking-glass-self.”

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