Access and watch the documentary Rip! A Remix Manifesto at


Identify which storyline in the movie you believe was the best illustration or discussion of copyright law and its application. Make sure you support your assertion with a thorough discussion of why the selected story line made an impact on you. Also, discuss your opinion of copyright law, as well as any changes you may think should be implemented, in light of what you have learned about copyright thus far.
•How does copyright law limit remix culture?
•Should remix culture be limited? Explore the benefits of remix culture and the impact it has on the owner of the original content.
•What changes should be made to copyright law, if any, to make way for new forms of expression such as remix?
1.The paper should follow APA formatting guidelines.
2.Two (2) to three (3) pages are adequate to cover the assignment objectives.
3.Utilize concepts from your textbook and at least two outside sources other than the film itself, reviews of the film, or similar sites that discuss the film. Use the guidelines below.
4.Follow the Assignment Rubric posted in the References Section.
5.Late submissions must get prior approval as per the posted Late Policy. If accepted, they will be penalized ten (10) percent per day, for a maximum of thirty (30) percent. Assignments submitted more than three (3) days late cannot be approved or accepted.
6.Make sure to put your name at the beginning of your paper.
7.Name your file: FirstnameLastnameA3.
Research Component:
•For this assignment, you should do a minimum of one hour of Full Sail Library research and include at least two sources from your research in APA format. Some of the databases you can use include Nexis Lexis, EBSCO Host, etc. To access the Library resources, please follow these steps:
•Go to the FSO Library page by clicking on Organizations at the very top of your Connect dashboard (Organizations > Library).
•Click on the Research Databases link towards the right of the page.
•You will see a list of available databases offered by the library.
•Click any link.
•The link will direct you to a proxy server page where you will be asked to enter your Full Sail username and password


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