305 HRM- International HR

305 HRM- International HRM

SEMESTER 2 -2016

The word-count does not include your ref list or contents page; it does include in-text referencing.

Component 1 of the Assignment:

You are a senior international human resource manager in a multinational corporation (countryX) planning to open a subsidiary in a country of your choice (country Y). In advance of ‘start-up’ formulate a critical essay to your board of executives which addresses the following:

  • The major institutional and cultural differences which separate the country Xand country Y. You should make a reference to Cross Cultural Management literature to explain the main cultural differences faced by expatriates in the host environment.
  • Challenges faced by expatriates and company in relation to:

-International recruitment from the expatriate and company                           perspectives.

– Training and development in the global environment.

Component 2 of the Assignment:

  • a ‘Personal Reflection’ which is your own reflection on the process of working in a multicultural groupand what you have learned. Your reflection should be written in the first person (use me / I) and should be no more than 500 words in total. This is part of your overall 4,000 word count.


You will be expected to demonstrate that you:

  • Are familiar with and able to critically review the relevant literature on international HRM, international/global managers and intercultural working.
  • Have a critical understanding of the role and contributions of international managers.
  • Have a critical understanding of the capabilities, qualities and conditions that various studies report as being important to the role and effective functioning of an international/global team leader/manager.
  • Have an appreciation of the concepts of ‘expatriates’ and their implication for international HRM.
  • Have an appreciation of the specific organisational strategies and interventions that can be used to ensure international managers are fit for the role. Also the challenges that an international manager might face e.g. selection methods, pre-departure briefings and training, cultural competence skills development.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

Demonstrate sound knowledge of the relationship between and the impact of culture on organisational life.

Identify key areas of similarity and difference in HR practice between countries.

Link the choice of strategic international HR with international business strategy approaches.

Measure the impact and effectiveness of international assignments.


Your work must be in essay format using size 12 times font, 1.5 line spacing.


Assessment Criteria and Marking Scheme

 The paper will be assessed out of 100 marks using the criteria on the pro-forma attached.


Basically, you will need to demonstrate the ability to:


  • Write a clear Introduction which identifies the issues within the context of the assigned IHRM question and, from this to demonstrate a logical structure and layout for the paper (10 marks)
  • Critically review the relevant literature and its implications for the aspect of IHRM discussed (30 marks)
  • Critically analyse and discuss the pertinent issues, grounded in the literature, relevant to the assigned question (35 marks)
  • Draw meaningful conclusions, provide appropriate recommendations, and reflective account of working in a multicultural team (15 marks)
  • Structure and present the discussion in a clear, logical and coherent way, and correctly reference all published material included in the paper (10 marks)


Marking Scheme –Undergraduate Assignment Assessment Sheet

  Distinction (70-100)* Merit (60-69) Pass (50-59) Pass (40-49) Fail (0-39) Mark
 Nature of topic(s) (10%)
Identifies and describes the nature of topic(s) critically and thoroughly
Identifies and describes the nature of topic(s) correctly and critically


Identifies the nature of topic(s) correctly with adequate description Identifies the nature of topic(s) correctly with some  description Fails to identify the nature of topic(s) correctly   


 Literature review (30%)  Has evidence of reading on relevant material beyond those given in teaching sessions or exercisesRefers extensively to sources

Evaluates literature logically and critically


Shows evidence of accessing and reading on relevant materialRefers to adequate sources

Analyses literature clearly and critically


 Demonstrates clear understanding of relevant theories, concepts and issuesRefers to some sources

Discusses literature thoroughly with some critical analysis


 Presents some understanding of theories, concepts and issuesRefers to a few sources

Describes literature with limited critical analysis

 Shows limited or no understanding of relevant literatureRefers to limited or no sources

Describes literature with no critical analysis





 Analysis and discussion (35%)  Presents strong and critical analysis and discussion well-grounded in literatureShows both depth and breadth of understanding of the topic(s)


Has well-reasoned arguments shown in analysis and discussion based on literaturePresents appropriate understanding of the topic(s)


 Has logical and clear arguments shown in analysis and discussion based on literatureDemonstrates clear understanding of the topic(s)


 Demonstrates some arguments in analysis and discussion based on literatureShows basic understanding of the topic(s)  Has unsubstantiated and invalid analysis and discussion based on anecdotes and generalisationPresents limited or no understanding of the topic(s)   





  Distinction (70-100)* Merit (60-69) Pass (50-59) Pass (40-49) Fail (0-39) Mark
 Conclusion, recommendation &Reflective Account(15%)  Summarises the assignment thoroughly and criticallyThorough and detailed reflective account

Provides realistic and feasible recommendations


 Summarises the assignment clearly and criticallyConveyed some logicaland sound reflective account


Provides logical recommendations


 Summarises the assignment adequatelySome effort to provide a clear reflective account


Provides some recommendations


 Summarises the assignment briefly

Presents a brief reflective account


Provides a few recommendations


 Provides limited or no summary of the assignmentProvides limited or no reflective account


Presents limited or no recommendations



 Presentation and reference (10%) Conveys all information clearly and completely with logical orderDisplays excellent use of reference style


 Delivers information clearly and accurately with sound structureShows correct use of reference style with minor errors


 Conveys content consistently without misunderstandingDisplays correct reference style but a few inconsistencies  Conveys content adequately without misunderstandingDisplays correct reference style but some inconsi

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